Cadillac Lounge

Cadillac Lounge

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The Cadillac Lounge, an iconic music venue and bar, in the Parkdale Neighborhood of Toronto shot by Toronto-based photographer Matthew Henry.  The Cadillac Lounge is decidedly “old-school” – a neighborhood bar with a stage for indie acts and the occasional touring band, mostly roots-leaning rock and folk.

It's owner, Sam Grosso, is equally iconic, having at times owned both Graffitis, a tiny live music venue and bar in the ever popular Kensington Market area of Toronto, and the historic live music venue El Mocambo which has played an important role in the development of popular music in Toronto since the 1940s. It is best known for the 1977 surprise show by The Rolling Stones - a show which became nationally notorious for the presence of then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's wife Margaret, who was partying with the Stones.

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