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We have a multitude of exciting framing options that will make your art pop. We can frame your art in wood frames, but we can also frame your art in Acrylic, Clear Acrylic Shadow Boxes, Neon Acrylic Shadow Boxes, and on Wood.  We can also print on metal and if that interests you, please email us for a quote. But let's dig a little deeper into each framing option.

Fine Art Paper
Unlike other merchants that will deliver your print on photo paper, we use Somerset Enhanced Velvet - a 255 gram fine art paper made from 100% cotton using traditional mould methods by St. Cuthbert's Mill in England. It features a high whiteness and velvety mid-textured surface created by natural woolen felts. An exquisite archival grade paper, it achieves crisp and vibrant images while retaining the subtleties and beauty of an authentic artist paper, making it perfect for fine art reproduction. For a more detailed explanation of the differences between fine art versus photo paper, read this blog post.

Wood Frames
We use a limited wood frame collection from Larson Juhl that we think best suits art. Our maple shadow box allows the image to float on the mat board for a minimalist look or under a wide mat for a classic presentation. Available colors are Black, White, and Natural.

Clear Acrylic Frames
Incredibly versatile, these frames look fabulous floated with fine art paper. What is most special about them besides their clean, modern presentation is that they are seamless - no nails, glue, putty or flawed corners. Cut from 1-inch thick acrylic sheets, they feature perfect polished edges – every time. Our standard offering is a 2-to-5 inch face width in any size up to 8x4 feet, but we can customize to any specifications.

Acrylic Panels
Acrylic panels have become more prevalent in the industry, but we think ours are higher quality because we flame treat the edges and use a unique French Cleat hanging system or sturdy standoffs which elevates the piece. We think our quality differentiators are noticeable, and you will see and feel the difference. Our acrylic panels are low profile with a .375" thickness. 

Clear Acrylic Shadow Boxes
Clear acrylic shadow boxes are an elegant presentation for two- or three-dimensional art. These shadow boxes are hand-made in Austin, Texas and feature a backer wrapped on both sides with luxury linen sourced from Holland. A unique media, this product is just now available outside the purview of galleries and the square corners and 2-inch depth set the standard.

Neon Acrylic Shadow Boxes
Inspiring memories of SOHO and Chelsea, these unique shadow boxes – with phosphorescent sides and backer – can give your imagery the appearance of illumination. Available in five colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink and Yellow, they naturally absorb light and glow almost magically. Prepare to be wowed – there's a good chance you've never seen anything like them!


Maple Wood Art Boxes
These solid maple art boxes are all hand made in Austin TX and feature 2-inch, unique mitered sides in maple or reclaimed wood. Perfected after months of trial and error these boxes are as extraordinary as the art itself. As a bonus, they are easy to hang with the Fletcher Picture Perfect No-Wire Hanging System.

Acrylic Blocks
These laser-cut blocks are made of 1" thick acrylic with beautifully polished edges that create a 3-D effect, while light refracts within the acrylic and illuminates the image. You can hang it using a unique acrylic French Cleat with a clean look, but you may love it rendered in a small form factor that can be displayed on a table or mantle. The choice is yours.

10x10 Inch Acrylic Block

Want Something Else?
We can print on most anything, including using your own high resolution images. If you have something else in mind or would like one of your own images framed, please email us and let's discuss it.