About Artists

Read about our Artists and then peruse their work.

Andre Benz is a photographer and music enthusiast who was born in a small New Jersey town but currently resides in Menlo Park, California. Andre approaches his life and his endeavors with humbleness, patience, and risk and believes that without failure there is no success and his art reflects that. See Andre's Work.

Annie is a photographer and blogger and lives in The New forest, England. A wife and a mother, Annie travels extensively and loves the outdoors. The breadth of her art speaks to her diverse nature and interests. See Annie's Work.


Brooke lives in Salt Lake City Utah with four teenagers and an Australian Shepherd and loves it. She believes in living life with arms and eyes wide open. That the uncomfortable, awkward moments of trying-new-things are worth sitting in. She lives for creative expression and loves the groundedness she feels when surrounded by people she loves. See Brooke's Work.


Denys (pronounced "Denis") is a Ukrainian artist currently living in San Francisco. Denys spends time exploring the world and gets inspiration from finding himself in unique places. He enjoys design and architecture, science and futurology and loves hiking, biking and snowboarding. These passions are evident in his art. See Denys' Work.

Ivars is an Amsterdam-based photographer who describes his approach as “reality bites” like the movie with Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke. His subjects are portrayed with gritty detail, in movement and mostly natural settings. He believes freckles, dimples, and wrinkles are beautiful, and he uses strong colors and shadows to bring out personality and character. See Ivar's Work.

John is a Bay Area photographer with roots in Chicago and Idaho. He loves shooting gritty urban landscapes and vast expanses of wilderness, but he’s happiest when photographing people, no matter the environment. He and his wife travel regularly, and he’s pretty sure he’s slowly driving her insane by turning every trip into one long photoshoot. See John's Work.
Kimon is a Swiss-based Photographer living near Basel. Not yet 20, Kimon has been photographing for years. He specializes in photographing Landscapes, Cityscapes and Animals. He thinks creating images for people to enjoy is the most amazing job in the world. See Kimon's Work.

Matthew is an Ottawa-based photographer who particularly favors two subjects for his passions: the outdoors and people. Matthew didn’t study Art or Photography in school, but rather Accounting. He treats his photography as his creative outlet since he can’t sing, dance, or draw. See Matthew's Work.

Matthew Jake Kane is a 24 year old photographer living in Sydney, Australia. In addition to his penchant for photographing the breath-taking and diverse Australian landscapes and sea from unique and thought-provoking perspectives, he also enjoys introducing human subjects into his art. See Matthew's Work.

Whenever he can, Matt heads out into our amazing world to take photos. He feels most connected to wilderness and the outdoors. He also enjoys exploring urban environments for unique perspectives and powerful imagery. He specializes in landscape photography, especially photos of mountain vistas, nightscapes, sunsets, sunrises, and other natural wonders. Matt currently resides in Durango, Colorado. See Matthew's Work.

Mona grew up in Estonia, studying music, dancing, and acting. After high school, she decided to move to Denmark where she now resides. She has been fascinated by photography since she got her first digital camera almost 10 years ago. She enjoys creating something beautiful and then making it even more beautiful afterwards. She is happiest seeing her work make a positive impact in other people’s lives. See Mona's Work.

Sam is a photographer based in the United States. Sam has been taking photos for his entire life and found a passion in communicating through pictures. Among other things, such as being an 10-year solo pianist, practicing artist in multiple mediums and working on cars, he has taken special interest in nature, portrait and automotive photography. See Sam's Work.

Scott Webb is a Canadian photographer based in London Ontario. He primarily specializes in architectural and interior photography.  He hopes to help Southwestern Ontario architecture firms and interior designers provide creative services that go beyond what is commonly offered today. See Scott's Work.

Born in Transylvania but now calling London home, she considers herself a walking contradiction, because according to Toa she “loves imperfect things. They feel genuine to [her].” She has fallen in love with food photography and considers that her passion. See Toa's Work.